Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I Salute Left Handers...With My Left Hand

Today is International Left Handers Day.  In the past (like 4 years ago) that would have meant as much to me as National Celery Day (I made that up.  Who would make a day to honor the stalk of the devil?).  But, I have reasons to raise my hand up and salute you this fine day!  For the record, I am raising my left hand; raising my right hand to honor this day would be offensive...and a little confusing.

See, 4 years ago we welcomed our little princess into the world.  And it soon became clear that she would be a left hander, or a west-paw, as some of you know it.  Wait, maybe that was south-paw??  If we had any doubt as to her hand of choice, breaking her right arm sealed the deal!  Nothing like having to put your child's arm in a sling during her formative years to help make her decision.  Although, putting her arm in a sling suddenly made her mom and I parents of the year.  Especially when we would put that arm in her shirt so she wouldn't mess with it.  Basically, it looked like we had a one armed baby.  Man, did we get sympathy.  Hmmmm, I wonder where that sling is now.  I am just kidding.  Well, no, I am just kidding...

The other reason why I choose to celebrate "not right hander's day" is because my left hand became very important to me in the last 4 years.  Because of my stroke and the initial effects of it, I had to use my left hand to offset the weakness in my right hand.  I became so used to using my left hand, that it has become my go to hand, even after I regained all feeling in my right hand.  Wow, I just retread what I had typed and all of this right hand/left hand talk is making me sound like a politician!  I type today using my left hand, I drink coffee with my left hand and I even make my pencils fly like rockets using my left hand.  Uhhhhh, forget that last item...

So, all of you left handers, I salute you, with my right hand.  Wait, I mean my left hand.  Oh forget it!!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Writing, It’s Not For Chickens

Well actually it’s not for any fowl.  What I should’ve said was that it’s not for the faint of heart.  Although, I am faint of heart.  Seriously, it’s a medical fact.  Thought my heart ticks when it beats, so I’m actually “loud enough to hear it in the middle of the night” of heart.  Anyway, let’s put the train of thought back on the rails.  This post is about writing (which I write about a lot when I am trouble finding something to write about).  If that made sense, please continue on to paragraph 2…

Hey, you made it to paragraph 2.  I must say that I am surprised.  Well, I will try my best to (legally) make it worthwhile.    This is the umpteenth time I have realized I have neglected my blog.  But it’s so hard after neglecting it to come back and actually write something I would be proud to have you read.  OK, that’s not entirely accurate…because I haven’t been proud of any of my posts since I began blogging in 2006.  But, they would make a good coffee table book, you know, to put coffee on…

But, I’ve got my coffee, writing pipe in my mouth and Christmas music (uhhhhh, “Halloween” music) playing in the background.  So, I should be able to write a decent post.  Notice the “should” in that last sentence.  I could write about sports, politics or my carpet, but all of those would have everybody lining up for their side of the argument.  I’m trying to avoid that! 

I suppose I could write about food.  The two things I have wanted since I began writing are a deep-fryer (I hope my wife is reading this!) and a smoker.  Let me go ahead and say that a “smoker” is not an old person that wheezes (I did NOT say “whizzes…”).  It is a way of BBQ’ing VERY slowly.  So slowly, that I forgot I put a piece of meat in the smoker and when I remembered, it STILL wasn’t done.  But at least I can finally say that I have one!!

That’s really I all I wanted to say concerning food.  In the off chance that you will be back to read anymore of my blogs, I should go ahead and end this one before I lose you.  Wow, I don’t think I’ve ever read a poorer concluding thought.  Let me change that.  I hope your clouds are filled with gold and the grass outside your house tastes like chocolate (if I do say so myself, NICE!!)…

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bring The Olympics Home With You

Do you find yourself still turning on NBC?  Do you wish Michael Phelps had one more race in the pool, or the Men's USA basketball team had one more opponent to wipe the floor with?  Are you missing the 1,447 Olympic commercials, or all the new promos for NBC's new "comedies" or even the McDonalds Olympic scratch-off  game?  (Why does this sound like I am about to sell you something??)

In case you have not noticed, I really miss the Olympics (and it has nothing to due with the fact that I could watch 24/7 sports on TV with an all-female household.  No seriously, that didn't factor in at all!!!)  I miss everything about the Olympics, except for maybe the occasional commercial that had nothing to do with sports, even though they had an Olympic athlete parading around to sell their product.  Like the skeet shooting Bronze medalist that touted the wonders of a new bathroom cleaning sponge.  OK, I made that one up...but at least I came clean about it!  Clean/bathroom sponge, that is funny!!  You're right, it's not...

But all your fears and longings have an answer!!  Take the Olympics home with you everyday!!  You can simply make everything about your personal life medal worthy.  It's simple (and if you call right now, we'll double the offer...), award those that live with you a medal for everything they do!  If you're dreading cleaning out that one corner of the garage, make all of your children takes turns at it.  And you can award them gold, silver and bronze.

Now I am lucky, I have 3 kids, so each one of them will get a medal.  Although Lottie being 3 years old will probably earn all bronzes.  If you have more children than that, wow you are going to have a fierce competition on your hands!  And as a plus, have each child pick their own 'anthem,' so they will hear that when they win.

Be creative.  Don't give away medals for mediocrity.  Expect the best of them for each, uhhhhh, "sport..."  You're household will thank you.  OK, your household CHORES will thank you...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Summer Is Roaring Down The Proverbial Highway!!

Do you hear that??  It's the sounds of summer!! Actually, I don't really know what that means (is it meat on the grill, the waves of the ocean or your Mom telling you to put on sunscreen??).  But, the phrase sounds good.  So, I'm gonna stick with it!

Now Summer doesn't technically start for another week or so, but I like to be early.  Yes, early as in I like my dinner at 4...just like the senior crowd.  Who by the way, people often think I am a part of!  Are Hawaiian shirts relegated to the older folks...I think not!!

Anywhoooo!  It seems like summer.  We've already been to the beach and Sea World and the twins have already been out of state with my parents (oh man, did that seem like a good break. Uh...I didn't mean to say that out loud!!)  And...I got to attend the Beach Boys 50th Anniversary Tour!  In fact, I'm listening to them while I put this post together.  The grill has been used (although that's a multi-seasonal event) and shorts-wearing is in high demand.  Actually in So Cal, when is it NOT in high demand??

So the Sounds of Summer are definitely in style in this house.  Again, I don't know what that means. But go ahead and break out the sunscreen and your t-shirts featuring Weber grills!!  Yes, there IS such a thing  ;-)

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

The Name Of This Post Is...Well I Don't Know Yet

 I know it's like fire and oil, maybe it's fire and paper, ice and fire, perhaps fire isn't even part of the saying?  Well, what I am trying to say is that many people have discussed what it is like to create something with a blank piece of paper and a pen.  For most, it is like fire and oil, maybe it's fire and paper, ice and fire...now do you see what I am trying to say?  Gosh, I hope so!!  (Gosh???  Was I born in the 1930s??  Gosh????)

The cursor sits on my screen blinking, as if to say 'I'm ready, but you aren't.'  Do you find that happening to you once in a while? Uhhhh...me neither!!!  I realize that at about line 2 of this post, I should have deleted it, but that is letting the cursor win.  I also realize that you are thinking 'he's flirted with it for a long time, but he's finally gone crazy...'  No comment...  :)

I probably should just give you a bullet-pointed list of my best one liners, but it takes more than one line to work up to my jokes.  Well, it takes me more than one line to work towards something.  I think of them as jokes, but I always seem to say I'm sorry after delivering them!  I could try to sell them to a stand-up comic, but I always enjoy jokes when sitting down.  I'm sorry for that...I found it funny.  Oh see, I said I'm sorry.

Well, I have wasted enough time with this post!  But it's good to know that I can still sit down and write not a thing and still have it be 4 paragraphs. I'm also sorry for you if you stayed around long enough to read it!  Wocka Wocka Wocka...  :-)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What A Concert! Also named "My Type Of People."

This past Saturday I attended perhaps the best concert ever.  It was timed perfectly.  It was Memorial Day weekend AND Sirius radio was playing their music constantly!  You may ask yourself "how did I get here..."  No wait, that's something entirely different.  What you are most likely asking yourself is "what band is he talking about?"  The band is The Accordion Kings!

Actually I don't know if there is a band named that but if there is, I'm free to manage it, but it won't be free to manage.  The band was named the Beach Boys and it was there 50th Anniversary Tour!!  I have never written a review of a concert and I'm not about to now - other than to say it was KICKAWESOME!!!  40+ songs and it lasted at least 2 1/2 hours!  You might be doing the math about how long the songs were, but back in the 60's most songs were 2 and a half minutes.

I have seen the Beach Boys many times, but this was the first with Brian Wilson, which made it all the more special.  Now I guess I should have known what the audience would be since it's the 50th Anniversary of them getting together, but I can also be very "not-fast of mind."  So,  I was surprised that most of the audience were over 60 and practically all the men had Hawaiian shirts on!  (Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Maybe it's just the place we saw them at - a casino in Palm Springs.  But as we were in the buffet line (ok, hold you're wise cracks) I complemented every guy I saw that had on Hawaiian shirt and asked them if they were going to the concert.  Every one of them said they were.  If I had that type of success rate, I should have gone to a casino!  Oh wait...

So what I am trying to say is that the concert was stupendous and people over 60 years old and wearing Hawaiian shirts are my type of people!!  I fit in better with that crowd than I do people my own age!  All that I am missing is the gray hair!  Uh-oh, I see one coming in...

Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Passenger's Seat

I can't drive 55.  Oh heck, I can't drive period!!  It's been 2 and a half years since I was able to get out my driving gloves and driving goggles.  Uh, did I just admit that?  Uh, well, I was joking.  Yes, I was joking!!

Ahem...moving right along!!  In the time since I have not been able drive, I have discovered a new way to get from here to there.  And, it's finally time I reveal it to you.  It's...THE PASSENGER'S SEAT.  That seat where you would put things while you were driving.  It even has it's very own window!  So, this is my Top Ten Things I Have Learned About Riding In The Passenger's Seat.

10.  They say that the driver has control of the radio...but as a passenger, you have more time to get to it!!

9.  You have time to actually read the map.  Oh, who am I kidding?  You still use the GPS to get where you're going!

8.  You have the misfortune of being the one who passes out the food when you eat at a Drive-thru.

7.  You get to look out the  window as you drive along the coast!!

6.  But you are STILL the one who has to gas up the car.  I'm trying to figure out a solution to this!!!!

5.  When you are playing the radio or a CD, you have to change the radio or CD when everyone tells you "not The Beach Boys...again!!"  Hmmmm...that just might be something you're not familiar with....

4.  YOU get to tell the driver where to turn! Or if you are me, you get to apologize for having the driver turn down the wrong street...

3.  You can lead the passengers in a re-creation of "Bohemian Rhapsody" from Wayne's World!!

2.  On the downside, you are constantly yelling "shot gun."

And the number 1 Thing I Have Learned About Riding In The Passenger's Seat:

You get to sleep while driving!!!!!  Or, play dead - whichever is more fun...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

They Give Anyone A Blog...

There's this commercial airing where a guy was saying "they give anyone a blog."  It was a put-down, diss or my favorite "the anti-complement."  And I thought about it for a second (well, I thought about it until I saw 2 shrimps dancing to 'Night Fever' in my mind) and it's true.

But I don't think of it as a negative.  Where would I put my thoughts (and no, the trash is not an acceptable answer) if they didn't.  Where else would you have read about toilet paper, space debris, Star Trek, my disconnected railway of thoughts and having your own island if I didn't have a blog.

The answer is no where.  Unless you were to break into my computer, but then the lawyers and cops would have to be called.  I searched for the 'Anniversary of the Blog,' but found nothing.  I think that's the first time I have not Googled what I have looked for (is Googled a verb...well, now it is).  I have Googled 'where do I find recipes for fried lobster' and 'why does my computer shut down with no warning when I'm listening to David Hasselhoff's music' and I find things.  OK, that last one is a lie. But I just Googled it and I found a quote from 30 Rock, so that's as good as finding an answer!!  By the way, I just saw an ad for Scatt Recreation.  Isn't a scat something animals do...or release?  I realized that has no bearing on this article (well, either does Google) but I just wanted to share it.

Where else could you have read that last paragraph? I realize I'm asking a lot of questions and you probably thought that this was a non-participatory site, but the answer is 'what is a blog.'  Well, the 'what is a' is optional, but I feel like I am really smart when I ask and answer things in a Jeopardy form.  Try it.  See, now don't you feel smart?

I really didn't know what I was going to say in this post, and I know, it shows.  But the term 'they give anyone a blog' was just to ripe to pass up.  Speaking of being too ripe, I smell something coming from the little one....

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Top Ten Things I've Done Since Not Using Facebook As Much As I Used To

I recently have tried to use Facebook less.  By less I mean 8 daily posts instead of 15.  By definition that is LESS  :)  But seriously, I have tried to login less.  Although, you could say that I have ended up logging in more because I use to keep FB open all day.  Semantics aside, well I think that is a semantic, actually I'm not sure.  Better check with my Bible because I think Jesus' followers had many battles with the Semantics.  Oops, I have gotten off topic.  These are things I have done since being off of Facebook...

10.  Realized my daughters have almost become 10 years old.  I hope that don't ask for the presents they have been given for the last 4 years!!

9.  Realized my 'baby' girl is almost 3 years old.  I guess that explains why she can talk and walk now...

8.  I found out that my Rapper name is NOT 'E=MC2.'  That was a major blow to my psyche or a blow to my emotions or my funkiness or whatever it is called.

7.  I learned that 'groovy' was not the cool word that it used to be.  Well, that explains at least the last 4 years.  I have no idea why I was using it before then.

6.  Someone told me that Regis isn't on anymore.  That's news I would love to have gotten before now!!

5.  To my wondermint, I found that people don't come up and say 'Like' when you are speaking!  But how then are you supposed to know that people 'like' what you are saying!!

4.  I learned that people don't POKE you in public.  I guess it is seen as being rude...

3.  I learned that I had a stroke and can't drive anymore.  OK, that one is true.  When they said I had a stroke I thought they were saying I had come out with a great idea.  Ya know, a stroke of genius, not a stroke of the brain.

2.  I have realized that Denny's no longer offers their Bacon Sundae.  Perhaps it is because it's Tuesday?  That's ok if you don't laugh, because I didn't either!*

And the #1 Thing I've Done Since Not Using Facebook As Much As I Used To

I have come up with more time to think up my next Facebook status update!!!!

*Actually, I DID laugh at #2.  Well, not going number two, I meant number two on my list...

Friday, March 16, 2012

I Wonder If It’s A Pyramid Scheme?

Pardon the repost, but I had nothing better to say today. Seriously, rhyming say and today was as good as it got. So, I offer you this...

Hot on the heels of me offering to write posts for money (which was a joke, really. Honestly. Come on you can believe me) comes today’s pointless holiday that I am choosing to celebrate. Today is called Laugh and Get Rich Day. Now of course I can’t find anything about it on the Wondernet, so I am left to ASSume what we are supposed to do in honor of today.

As you might expect, I laugh…a lot. As you also might expect, I GET laughed AT a lot, too. The only problem is that all of my laughing has most certainly NOT made me rich and I’m pretty sure it hasn’t helped my coworkers (the biggest offenders of the laughing at me category) either. If they had gotten money for laughing at me, most if not all of them would no longer need to work and would be what people refer to as ‘financially independent.’ (When you read that last phrase, feel free to use air quotes. I did).

Maybe I haven’t made money laughing yet because I haven’t bought into the pyramid aspect of it. You’re familiar with the pyramid, right? No, not the one with all the clues on it and the snappy music and Dick Clark in really outdated blazers (though who doesn’t love that pyramid). I’m speaking of the symbolic pyramid where you get to watch me laugh for money and then start laughing yourself. Of course your initial laughing is not for pay because I get your money at first. But if you can get 3-5 people signed up to laugh at me, then you get a small percentage of my take and on and on. Eventually, I will be like the Darth Vader of laughing for money and you will all be my laughing storm troopers. Or maybe I would be the Emperor of laughing and you would be my Darth Vader and so on and so on. Hang with me; I know there’s a decent Star Wars analogy there. OK, how about this? I’d be the laughing Yoda and you’d all be my laughing Jedi. Yeah, that’s a pretty good one.

One thing is for sure though; if we work the pyramid correctly, I will one day be able to stand on the top of my pyramid (proverbially speaking, of course) and shout ‘I started a joke.’ I have always wanted to be able to yell that, because let’s face it, how often do we really get to reference Bee Gees song titles in our everyday comings and goings (it also gave me a semi-decent excuse to FINALLY use that cool drawing of the Bee Gees that I've kept on my hard drive for over 2 years now). And yes, I do realize that the rest of that lyric states ‘I started a joke that got the whole world crying, but I couldn’t see that the joke was on me.’ I am choosing to ignore that part though, because I am going to start a joke that gets 3-5 people to pay me, followed by another 3-5 people and then the 3-5 they’ll sign up after that. And I know what you are going to say to me when all the laughing money starts rolling in: ‘Michael, you are so rich now that you should be dancing.’ OH MY GOD, did you see that? I was just able to reference TWO Bee Gees songs in one post.

Am I going loopy? I mean I did have quite a fever last night. I guess you could call it a ‘night fever?’ Oh wow, that’s 3 titles now. Ok, I am going to stop before I lose all of my readership over the excessive use of Bee Gee song references. Yes, you could say it’s my way of Stayin’ Alive in blogsville. All right, I’m done now. I swear!

Well, I am off to try and make everyone I know laugh in the hopes of getting my pyramid ‘triangular thing that the Egyptians built with the help of aliens’ started. OK, I'll stop my 'jive talkin.'